La ley de transparencia, camino de su quinto aniversario

Reflexiones sobre su eficacia y aplicación

  • Enrique Benitez Palma Cámara de Cuentas de Andalucía
Keywords: transparency, freedom of information, open government, evaluation, public policies., Transparency, Freedom of information, Open Government, Evaluation, Public policies


By the end of 2018 it will be five years since the Law 19/2013, of Transparency and Access to Public Information and Good Government was published in the Spanish Official State Gazette. Its implementation and effectiveness should not be analyzed by an un critical measure of the number of pages visited, applications made or documents published by all the Spanish public administrations. The anniversary is a good opportunity to reflect on other issues not always visible but also very important.

Author Biography

Enrique Benitez Palma, Cámara de Cuentas de Andalucía

Consejero de la Cámra de Cuentas de Andalucía


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