General description of the Journal

The Spanish Journal of Transparency (RET) is published online twice a year every semester by the Spanish Association of Professionals and Researchers of Transparency (ACREDITRA). The purpose of the journal is to encourage the analysis and exchange of reflections and research results on the subjects covered.

Its field of action focuses on transparency, but also on related fields such as collaboration and participation in the framework of Open Government and Good Governance. Therefore, its contents revolve around the following thematic areas:

  • Good government.
  • Open government.
  • Transparency: open information and right of access to public information.
  • Participation, collaboration an accountability.

 The journal is aimed at researchers, professionals and technicians who work for public entities related to these matters.


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Characteristics data sheet:

  • ISSN (electronic version): 2444-2607
  • Periodicity: biannual (2 issues per year). Periods: January-June and July-December.
  • Programming of the next volumes: +info
  • Participation and submission of contributions: free and open to anyone (+info).
  • Originality requirement: yes (+info).
  • References and bibliography: Harvard (+info).
  • Type of review: external by peers (+info).
  • Use of antiplagliarism software: yes  (+info).
  • Ethical code: own, complemented with COPE/CORE Practices (+info).
  • Open access and license:  Creative Commonts CC BY SA (+ info).
  • Digital preservation and archiving: own policies and Lockss system (+ info).

Publisher and funding:

The RET is published by ACREDITRA, association that brings together professionals and researchers and carries out activities of scientific and professional interest such as the annual organization of Internacional Transparency Congress (at the Complutense University of Madrid in 2016 and 2017, University of Cádiz in 2018 and Univesity of Malaga in 2019).

Address, registration number and tax code:

  • ACREDITRA. c/ Portillo de San Antón 30005 Murcia. Spain.
  • Reg. Nac. Assoc.: Grupo 1º / Sección 1ª / Nº. Nacional: 604676 CIF: G73832156
  • E-mail:

On a regular basis, the RET is self-financed and does not receive any external support or financing. Occasionally, financial support has been  received for the layout and publication of two issues of the Journal (No. 6/2018 and No. 9/2019), and thanks to the collaboration of the Andalusian Data Protection and Transparency Council.